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Hello Beautiful Soul,

Does Your Life Feel Confusing or Chaotic?

Or A Little Too Much Like a Roller Coaster?

With Way Too Many Ups and Downs?

The 'Quickening' That Is Taking Place on Our Planet Right Now Is Making the Natural Pulsations Of Our Lives Feel Bigger -- And Less Manageable.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice If You Could Fully Understand the Orderly Way These Pulsations Unfold In Your Life?

And, Wouldn’t It Be Great to Know WHEN Your Life Cycles Were Expanding and Contracting?

Now You Can!

The Chakra Life Cycle System Shows You the Underlying Energies That Shape Each Year of Your Life -- AND How They Relate To Your Personal Destiny.

When You Learn to Consciously Tap Into Your Chakra Life Cycles, You Can Make the MOST of Your Life With the LEAST Amount of Effort.

Join Vicki Howie For One of Her Special Chakra Life Cycle Programs and Discover How to Dance With Your Cycles and Create a Masterful Life!

Go Deeper into the CLCS with 1 of These 2 Offers:

Choice #1: 'Your Roadmap To Life

Mastery' Package (Items 1-4)

'Your Roadmap to Life Mastery: Discover the 7-Year Cycles That Shape Your Life' eBook

(Value $27)

You'll get a private, advanced copy (PDF and Kindle) of my new ebook that won’t be available to the public until Spring of 2018! Your Roadmap to Life Mastery: Discover the 7-Year Cycles That Shape Your Life is a transformational, cutting-edge book that shows you how to:

  • Understand Your Chakras in a New, More Embodied and Empowered Way
  • Work with Your Body’s Masculine and Feminine Energies to Create More Inner Harmony & Balance
  • Use the Chakra Life Cycle System (CLCS) to Make the Most Out of Every Year of Your Life
  • Leverage Your Understanding of the CLCS to Improve All Your Relationships
  • Tap into Your ‘Destiny Cycles’ by Merging Numerology and the CLCS
  • Masterfully Navigate Your True Midlife ‘Crisis’ to Make It Your Midlife Opportunity!
  • Discover the SINGLE Most Potent Year for Healing Early Childhood Trauma (for You or Others)
Sage Kingsley-Goddard

I’ve been teaching about energy, healing, meditation, higher consciousness and chakras for over two decades and I have to say, Vicki Howie’s contributions to this field are truly revolutionary and astounding. Her Chakra Life Cycle System is essential knowledge for anyone seeking to understand more about themselves — and about life, and her awesome Chakra Booster Healing Tattoos really do give an energy boost.

Sage Kingsley-Goddard The Prosperous Goddess

16-Part World Video Tour Through Your Chakra Life Cycles

(Value $197)

This 3 hour+ video course is easy and interesting to watch, because it’s divided into 16 short videos (that average 13 minutes length) – one for each Chakra Life Cycle, plus an introduction and a transition-year video. And they’re shot in beautiful international locations like Istanbul, Paris, Monte Carlo, Nice, Dubrovnik, Netherlands, Brussels, Greece, Sedona, Grand Canyon, and more. All of the locations were chosen for their energetic alignment with the Chakra Life Cycle filmed there.

Here's what's covered on each video:

  • Introduction to the Chakra Life Cycle System (Grand Canyon, Arizona)
  • CLC #1 ~ Ages 1 - 7 (Sedona, AZ)
  • CLC #2 ~ Ages 8 - 14 (Denver, CO). Here's a short excerpt:

CLC-2-1-Denver-Excerpt from Vicki Howie on Vimeo.

  • CLC #3 ~ Ages 15 - 21 (Cannes, France)
  • CLC #4 ~ Ages 22 - 28 (Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, France)
  • CLC #5 ~ Ages 29 - 35 (Katakolon, Greece)
  • CLC #6 ~ Ages 36- 42 (Monte Carlo, Monaco). Here's a short excerpt:
  • CLC # 7 ~ Ages 43 - 49 (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Mid-Life Transition ~ Age 50 (Normandy, France)
  • CLC #8 ~ Ages 51 - 57 (Cagne-Sur-Mer, France)
  • CLC #9 ~ Ages 58 - 64 (Port Grimaud, France)
  • CLC #10 ~ Ages 65 - 71 (Eiffel Tower, Paris, France)
  • CLC #11 ~ Ages 72 - 78 (Hemrick, Netherlands)
  • CLC #12 ~ Ages 79 - 85 (Dubrovnik, Croatia). Here's a short excerpt:
  • CLC #13 ~ Ages 86 - 92 (Brussels, Belgium)
  • CLC #14 ~ Ages 93 - 99 (Nice, France)
Cindy Kubica

   Sometimes when you hear someone’s work ‘truth bells’ go off all over the place. That’s what happened to me with Vicki Howie… Vicki kicked off our ‘Beyond the Seven’ special focus series and it wasn’t just an interview but rather a ‘workshop.’ I’m still getting emails from our listeners saying, wow, wow, wow.”

Cindy Kubica Energized Living Today

LIVE Chakra Activation & Healing Call

With Vicki Howie and Ross Pittman

11/11/17 - Choose Your Best Time - 11am or 5pm Pacific

(Value $97)

This LIVE Chakra Healing Call with Vicki Howie and Ross Pittman will be offered at two different times (11 am and 5 pm Pacific) on the numerologically significant 11/11, in order to accommodate people living in different time zones and to keep the virtual healing groups relatively small.

Both Vicki and Ross will be doing a joint chakra activation and balancing for each individual on the call (one at a time) in the supportive, amplified field of the group. Everyone will be guided to participate in the healing to amplify the positive effects for every person in the group.

According to Lynne McTaggart, the best-selling author of The Field, The Intention Experiment,  The Bond, and The Power of Eight, the best-kept secret about the power of intention is that it amplifies significantly when people connect. Groups have a profound ‘rebound’ effect that creates a vortex of healing for each member. What you send out to others in your group comes back to you tenfold. When Vicki offered this kind of group healing in the past, the experience was overwhelmingly positive for all involved.

LIVE Chakra Life Cycle Call with

Q&A and Personal CLC Readings

Sunday, 11/19 at 2 pm Pacific

(Value $97)

This call with take place on 11/18 at 2 pm Pacific to allow for the most number of people from different time zones to be able to attend live.

Vicki will highlight some key aspects of her eBook, Roadmap to Life Mastery: Discover the 7-Year Cycles of Your Life (such as how to determine your Destiny Cycles) and she’ll answer any and all questions regarding her book and her World Video Tour Through the Chakra Life Cycles, as well as any other chakra questions you may have.

Most importantly, if you participate on this call and you want a personal Chakra Life Cycle Reading, you’ll get one if you raise your hand. Vicki will stay on the line as long as is needed to make sure everyone who wants a reading gets one.

Derek Rydall

   Vicki’s ‘Your Roadmap to Life Mastery: Discover the 7-Year Cycles That Shape Your Life’ is an elegant and practical guide to mining the gold within us in a unique and exciting way. Her Chakra Life Cycle System shines a whole new light on how we all energetically evolve, and shows us how we can live from a place of deep connection with the natural ‘seasons of our soul.’ Read it, work it, and live your life at a whole new level!” ~ Derek Rydall, #1 Best-Selling Author, Emergence The Abundance Project

Derek Rydall

'Your Roadmap to Life Mastery' Package


Total Package Value: $418

Save 65% - Your Price: $147

(Or ONLY 2 Payments of $77)

Choice #2: 'Your Roadmap' + 'Rock Your Chakras' Bundle (Items 5-9)

Want to Create Even Deeper More Long Lasting Positive Change? Upgrade to the 'Your Roadmap' + 'Rock Your Chakras' Bundle for just $77 dollars more and you'll get everything in the 'Your Roadmap' Package, plus these Chakra Activating Tools...

Two Full Sets of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos - A Total of 14 Tattoos!

(Value $44)

My Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ are not only beautiful, but their symbols and colors boost and balance your chakras to empower you in every area of your life for more wealth, health, joy, love, purpose, power and spiritual connection.

Thousands of happy customers from 51 countries across the globe have benefitted from my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ that are based on the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto.

The Research of Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown that words on water change the structure of water. The human body is over 50% water, so wearing Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ with their ancient Sanskrit symbols and vibrant chakra colors positively boosts and aligns your whole energy field.

The best part is they work 24/7 without any effort on your part. And they’re lovely, so you look great too!

NOTE: International shipping and handling is included (to anywhere in the world).

** Please note the 30-Day refund policy will only include the physical product (Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™) IF they are returned fully intact in the condition they were mailed. If they can’t not be returned in perfect condition, $43.95 will be subtracted from any refund given.

7 Chakra Activating Meditations

(One for Each Energy Center)

(Value $77)

ROOT CHAKRA – The Money Tree Meditation

This stabilizing meditation makes you feel that money really does grow on trees. And the best part is that you’re the tree! It leaves you feeling grounded, stable and endlessly prosperous, knowing you can continually renew your abundance any time you wish.

SACRAL CHAKRA – The Sacral Sea Meditation

This playful meditation takes you into the flow of your life and allows you to surrender to the joy, spontaneity and possibility that is your feminine essence. It takes you on a journey of lake, river and ocean where you play with dolphins and other mystical creatures. It leaves you feeling open, flowing and deeply delicious.

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA – The Golden Rod Meditation

This empowering meditation creates deep integrity between your spiritual and earthly aspects so you can feel the strong, golden rod of integrity that runs through your being, energizing and supporting you at all times. It leaves you feeling confident, motivated and ready to take on the world.

HEART CHAKRA – The Ho’Oponopono Journey

This heart blossoming meditation is based on an ancient Hawaiian practice of saying four key phrases that allow you to love, accept and forgive yourself and others. It frees you of the shackles of judgment and leaves you feeling completely open, compassionate and free.

THROAT CHAKRA – The Path of Purpose Meditation

This inspiring meditation takes you on a journey of deep, self-respect where you honor who you really are – and who you are not. It invites you to walk your path of purpose and discover all the beautiful gifts and desires you brought into this world to serve and play in your own unique way. It leaves you feeling passionate about you and your destiny.

THIRD EYE CHAKRA – The Indigo Elevator Experience

This sweet meditation takes you on a journey up and into your brow chakra where your highest, embodied wisdom lies. It invites the light of awareness into the window of your third eye, allowing you to see any intuitive knowings that you have curtained off. It leaves you feeling centered, clear and connected to your Higher Self.

CROWN CHAKRA – The Starry Sky Meditation

This blissful meditation allows you to easily access the pure, Spirit Consciousness that you are. Taking you inward to the unlimited galaxy within you and outward to the unending field of pure Divinity that you are. It leaves you feeling your timeless, spaceless identity as Universal Energy that is never separate from anything – or anyone – else.

Farhana Dhalla

   Vicki’s up to something big with her chakra work. Her Chakra Live Cycle System is spot on, and her healing tattoos are so powerful for me, I buy them in bulk!” ~ Farhana Dhalla, Best-Selling Author, “Thank You For Leaving Me

Farhana Dhalla Farhana Dhalla Consulting

Tapping Through the Chakras For Better Sex, Finances, Love and More!

(Value $97)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), the practice of “tapping” on your meridian/acupuncture points is being hailed as one of the quickest ways to positively shift your body’s internal state.

Vicki uses this simple, proven method to tap out the common blocks and resistances for each chakra.

Let go of fears or limited thinking around money, family, sex, love, what you think you’re capable of, and much more!

Because when you release your resistance, fears and blocks, the sky’s the limit!

Siri Radha

    I recently purchased your Tapping Through the Chakras and it has been fantastic! I learned EFT more than 10 years ago, but I never connected with it. Now I get it, and I’ve been using it every day, and I am seeing deep stagnation start to shift.” ~ Siri Radha

Siri Radha

Chakra Love Contemporary Healing Album (MP3 Audio Download)

(Value $11)

Vicki and her musical partner, Jeff Bonilla, created this 10-song, contemporary healing album from their hearts. It was divinely guided and took about two years for all the channeled information to come through the duo. The songs on Chakra Love contain powerful, Sanskrit mantras that positively shift your energy field.

Chakra Love Includes:

  • 7 Chakra Songs to Boost & Balance All of Your Energy Centers
  • 1 Lakshmi Abundance Song to Increase Your Prosperity
  • 1 Ancient Healing Mantra Song to Expand Your Well-Being
  • 1 Peace Song (Loka Samasta) to Deepen Your Sense of Tranquility

‘A Chakra a Day’ Program

Start Your New Year Right with 28 Days of Quick & Easy Daily Chakra Boosting Exercises

(Value $197)

The New Year is the perfect time to create new, positive habits. For the first 28 days of 2018, I’m going to show you how to boost and balance your chakras with fun, easy and quick exercises on video delivered right to your inbox. One per day.

In this fun, quick (7 mins or less a day!) program, we’re going to associate each chakra with one day of the week. This allows you to create a mini-cycle of movement up your chakras -- root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow and crown -- every single week. And once we’ve done it for a whole month, your body will naturally be in the habit of moving upward through all your chakras each and every week.

Why 28 days?

So we can “train” each chakra 4 times (4x7=28) -- and you can train your chakras even more by repeating the 28 day program (anytime, at no extra cost)!

Here’s how we’re going to break down the days:

Monday is ROOT CHAKRA DAY, because it’s the beginning of the work week and the root chakra is about work and new beginnings.

Tuesday is SACRAL CHAKRA DAY, because it’s about fun and frolic (think Mardi Gras and Taco Tuesdays) and your 2nd chakra is all about joy and play.

Wednesday is SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA DAY, because getting over the midweek “hump” without a slump requires the motivation and action of our fiery 3rd chakra.

Thursday is HEART CHAKRA DAY, because it’s the balance point of the week. Now that you’ve gotten over the push of hump day and the weekend is close, you can relax into your heart.

Friday is THROAT CHAKRA DAY, because it’s the last day of the typical work week and the throat chakra is the highest masculine chakra (which means it is finishing whatever the root chakra started on Monday).

Saturday is BROW CHAKRA DAY, because it's usually a day off. This means you can settle down, look within, and tap into your 6th sense.

Sunday is the CROWN CHAKRA DAY, because it’s widely known as the best day for worship and connecting with the Divine.

Lucky for us, in 2018, the first of January falls on a Monday, so we get to begin with the root chakra right on the first day of the year.

‘A Chakra a Day’ will be delivered to your inbox daily and also available for viewing on a group page, and all videos will be 7 minutes or less.

Yes, that means you will only be investing 7 mins a day!

You can do that, right?

And from that tiny, daily  investment, you’re going to feel GREAT!

As we boost one chakra each day for 28 days, your whole energy field is going to be increasingly activated and aligned.

And do you know what that looks like in your world?

More wealth, health, joy, motivation, love, purpose and spiritual connection (because your chakras shape every aspect of your life).

Don’t let the New Year sneak up on you. Get a ‘Chakra a Day’ FREE when you grab Your Roadmap to Life Mastery (Regular or PLUS Package) below.

Yayyyyy -- 2018 is going to be a whole new beginning!!

NOTE: When you purchase the Roadmap PLUS Package, you'll be automatically in 'A Chakra a Day' and will receive your first video on Monday, January 1, 2018.

'Your Roadmap to Life Mastery' PLUS

'Rock Your Chakras' BUNDLE


Total Package Value: $844

Save 73% - Your Price: $227

(Or ONLY 3 Payments of $77)

Recap - You Have Two Amazing Offers to Choose From:

Your Roadmap to Life Mastery Package

  • 16-Part Video World Tour Through Your Chakra Life Cycles Shot in Places Like Istanbul, Paris, Monte Carlo (16 MP4s Immediate Download - Can Also View Each Video on Course Page)
  • A Pre-Release Copy of "Your Roadmap to Life Mastery: Discover the 7-Year Cycles That Shape Your Life" eBook (PDF & Kindle)
  • LIVE Chakra Life Cycle Call (Personal Reading for Everyone Who Wants One) + Replay (11/19 at 2pm Pacific)
  • LIVE Chakra Healing Call with Vicki Howie and Ross Pittman (11/11 at 11am OR 5pm Pacific)

Total Package Value: $418

Save 65% - Your Price: $147

(Or ONLY 2 Payments of $77)

'Your Roadmap to Life Mastery' PLUS 'Rock Your Chakras' BUNDLE

Includes the 'Roadmap' Package PLUS:

  • 2 full sets of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos + S&H Anywhere in the World
  • 7 Chakra Boosting Meditations - One For Each Chakra (7 MP3s)
  • Tapping Through the Chakras Videos - Intro Video + 7 Tapping Videos – one for each chakra -- to release blocks (8 MP4s)
  • Chakra Love Album - One Healing Song for Each Chakra + 3 Bonus Songs for Peace, Health and Abundance (10 MP3s)
  • A Chakra a Day - Start Your New Year Right with 28 Days of Quick & Easy Daily Chakra Boosting Exercises

Total Package Value: $844

Save 73% - Your Price: $227

(Or ONLY 3 Payments of $77)

Vicki Howie is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Innovative Chakra Healer, and bona fide Chakra Geek who loves showing you how to tap into your infinite potential.She’s the Creator of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ (now worn by satisfied customers in over 50 countries), the Chakra Life Cycle System and the critically-acclaimed contemporary healing album, Chakra Love.

Vicki has penned three books about the chakras: The Key to the Chakras, Boost Your First Chakra for Grounding & Prosperity and Your Roadmap to Life Mastery: Discover the 7-Year Cycles That Shape Your Life.

There is nothing that Vicki desires and enjoys more than to awaken you to the incredible chakra power that lies within you, so you can become the highest and fullest version of you!