Join Vicki Howie, creator of the popular Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos and author of the brand new book Your Roadmap to Life Mastery: Discover the 7-Year Cycles That Shape Your Life, as she reveals...

How to Tap Into Your Secret Chakra Life Cycles to Create a Life of Inner Fulfillment and Ever-Expanding Success

Welcome to I'm Vicki Howie and I'm so excited for you because you're at a real threshold here. With my Chakra Life Cycle System (CLCS), you'll literally understand the 7-year cycles and the 1-year mini-cycles that shape not only your life, but every person on the planet. You'll have so much more insight into your life and other people's lives when you tap into this.

But, don't take my word for it! I've got some really wonderful gifts for you here for you to learn more about your chakras and the CLCS. Check them out and see if my CLCS rings true for you. I've had amazing results as a life coach by using my understanding of the CLCS with my clients.

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  • A introductory course about the chakras and how they alternate between being masculine and feminine. It's called "The Tantric Pulsation of the Chakras." It changes your life to know this, and it helps you to balance your chakras in a really cool way.
  • A discount coupon to get over 50% off my brand new "A Chakra a Day" program. This program boosts and balances each of your chakras and anchors your new energetic set-points deep within your body over 28 consecutive days with quick, easy and fun videos. You'll also get a super cool bonus where you get access to page where I have all seven of my chakra healing music videos (one for each chakra), plus the mantra-based lyrics so you can boost and balance your chakras as you sing along.

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During the Chakra Life Cycle System Webinar, You'll:

  • Learn About the Secret Chakra Cycles That Shape Your Life - and How To Make the Most of Them
  • Discover What Age Marks Your True (Energetic) “Midlife Crisis” and How to Deal with It -- and Even Make the Most of It!
  • Find Out Which Years of Your Life Are Better for Going After Outward Success and Which Ones Are Better for Seeking Inner Fulfillment
  • Learn Why Kids Go Through the Terrible Two's, Teens Rebel, and Other Parenting Secrets
  • Get a Chance to Receive a Personal Chakra Life Cycle Reading from Vicki, as She’ll Be Doing Some LIVE CLC Readings on the Call
  • Receive a FREE Chakra Life Cycle Chart for Ages 1 - 100 Showing What Cycle You and Your Family and Friends Are in Now (and in Future)
Derek Rydall

” Vicki’s ‘Your Roadmap to Life Mastery: Discover the 7-Year Cycles That Shape Your Life’ is an elegant and practical guide to mining the gold within us in a unique and exciting way. Her Chakra Life Cycle System shines a whole new light on how we all energetically evolve, and shows us how we can live from a place of deep connection with the natural ‘seasons of our soul.’ This is the key. Since everything is already within us, it’s all about being aligned — and Vicki shows you how! Read it, work it, and live your life at a whole new level!” ~ Derek Rydall, #1 Best-Selling Author, Emergence The Abundance Project

Derek Rydall
Cindy Kubica

” Sometimes when you hear someone’s work ‘truth bells’ go off all over the place. That’s what happened to me with Vicki Howie. She approaches chakra work at a level that transcends my understanding… I’m still getting emails from our listeners saying, wow, wow, wow.” ~ Cindy Kubica, “Energized Living Today” Telesummit Host

Cindy Kubica Energized Living Today
Sage Kingsley-Goddard

” I’ve been teaching about energy, healing, meditation, higher consciousness and chakras for over two decades and I have to say, Vicki Howie’s contributions to this field are truly revolutionary and astounding. Her Chakra Life Cycle System is essential knowledge for anyone seeking to understand more about themselves — and about life, and her awesome Chakra Booster Healing Tattoos really do give an energy boost.” ~ Sage Kingsley-Goddard, The Prosperous Goddess

Sage Kingsley-Goddard The Prosperous Goddess