‘A Chakra a Day’ Program

28 Days of Quick & Easy Daily Chakra Boosting Exercises

With my A Chakra A Day program, I’m going to show you how to boost and balance your chakras with fun, easy and quick exercises on video delivered right to your inbox. One per day. Here's a sample:


In this fun, quick (7 mins or less a day!) program, we’re going to associate each chakra with one day of the week. This allows you to create a mini-cycle of movement up your chakras -- root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow and crown -- every single week. And once we’ve done it for a whole month, your body will naturally be in the habit of moving upward through all your chakras each and every week.

Why 28 days?

So we can “train” each chakra 4 times (4x7=28) -- and you can train your chakras even more by repeating the 28 day program (anytime, at no extra cost)!

Here’s how we’re going to break down the days:

Monday is ROOT CHAKRA DAY, because it’s the beginning of the work week and the root chakra is about work and new beginnings.

Tuesday is SACRAL CHAKRA DAY, because it’s about fun and frolic (think Mardi Gras and Taco Tuesdays) and your 2nd chakra is all about joy and play.

Wednesday is SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA DAY, because getting over the midweek “hump” without a slump requires the motivation and action of our fiery 3rd chakra.

Thursday is HEART CHAKRA DAY, because it’s the balance point of the week. Now that you’ve gotten over the push of hump day and the weekend is close, you can relax into your heart.

Friday is THROAT CHAKRA DAY, because it’s the last day of the typical work week and the throat chakra is the highest masculine chakra (which means it is finishing whatever the root chakra started on Monday).

Saturday is BROW CHAKRA DAY, because it's usually a day off. This means you can settle down, look within, and tap into your 6th sense.

Sunday is the CROWN CHAKRA DAY, because it’s widely known as the best day for worship and connecting with the Divine.

We will begin with the root chakra on the first Monday after you make your purchase. (You'll have access to all 28 videos immediately after you place your order.)

‘A Chakra a Day’ will be delivered to your inbox daily via an inspirational email and will also available for viewing on a group page (with all of the videos). Plus, all of the videos will be 7 minutes or less.

Yes, that means you will only be investing 7 mins a day!

You can do that, right?

And from that tiny, daily  investment, you’re going to feel GREAT!

As we boost one chakra each day for 28 days, your whole energy field is going to be increasingly activated and aligned.

And do you know what that looks like in your world?

More wealth, health, joy, motivation, love, purpose and spiritual connection (because your chakras shape every aspect of your life).

Yayyyyy -- the next 28 days is going to be a whole new beginning for you!!

Cindy Kubica

   Sometimes when you hear someone’s work ‘truth bells’ go off all over the place. That’s what happened to me with Vicki Howie… Vicki kicked off our ‘Beyond the Seven’ special focus series and it wasn’t just an interview but rather a ‘workshop.’ I’m still getting emails from our listeners saying, wow, wow, wow.”

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